Donna Terhune

Donna Terhune, REALTOR®

Donna Terhune has almost 45 years experience in the real estate field.   She understands the needs of the buyer and seller.  Her longstanding relationship with Connestee Falls makes her an expert on that community.  With a diverse rental portfolio of almost 100 rentals, she can assist you with growing your own portfolio or finding the perfect vacation rental.  

Donna is easy to reach at the office on Main Street in Brevard, NC or by phone.  She will always welcome you with a smile and listen to your needs.   She is detail oriented and experienced, like you would expect a professional in her field to be.   Call Donna Terhune at 828-877-3434 x 2 office, 828-553-7147 cell.  

Donna Terhune

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